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4x Investment Group is a Forex signal provider. 4x Investment Group has as its primary goal to meet the fast and evolving needs of the Forex market. We accomplished this by improving our system continuously and using carefully both technical and fundamental analysis.

4x Investment Trader is the automated system, which is applied by 4x Investment Group due to perform trading. 4x Investment Trader executes trading by applying its automated tool, and uses in house indicators, yet wide's origin's, to achieve the highest profit accompanied by the consistency of the results.

4x Investment Trader manages FX using technical data and optimizing strategy through fundamental trading. MACD, MA, Stochastic and CCI/RSI Indicators are the common tools detecting the right time to open position in short-termed. William Percentage Indicator gets the opportunity to extend the profitability of open positions. Fundamental analysis regarding the economic news may close positions in case of reversing trend. 4x RMA (Risk Management Analysis) risks 4.5% of equity to generate 8% profits. The strategy is short-term and depends on economic times.

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